Garden Landscaping in Marple, Stockport

This 400+ square metre sloping garden in Marple, Stockport, was overgrown and unloved and in need of a full garden renovation. The new garden design involved the creation of a two-tier garden.

Landscape project in MarpleLandscape project in Marple

The top tier would be around 100 square metres of patio surrounding the side and rear of the property, with steps leading down to a large lawned area. The lawn would be 300 square metres of new quality turf and required fully re-levelling with a new border constructed from sleepers. The side fence would then need to be replaced with new.

We carefully went about creating the different tiers using a digger and brought the garden back to a suitable levels. There were clearly drainage issues with the ground, so we resurfaced the lawn area with an eco grit soil base to deal with this issue before laying 300 square metres of good quality turf.

Landscape project in MarpleLandscape project in Marple

To hold back the top tier a 26 linear metre wall was constructed from block in a double-skin with drainage holes on a concrete base. The top tier was back filled with hardcore and then topped with MOT hardcore in order to achieve the finished level for paving in the future.

Modern concrete and wooden panel fences were then erected on the boundary at the side of the garden.

This was stage 1 in a 2 stage build designed to allow the client the financial freedom to complete this project in two stages.

Landscape project in MarpleLandscape project in Marple

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